NOW BOOKING: Daytime and Overnight Care for June - December 2024 


You deserve postpartum support that’s second to none.

PNW Doula Care provides extraordinary in-home postpartum care for extraordinary families just like yours.

 Having an extra pair of specialized and experienced hands around can make a world of difference when your new baby arrives. Whether it’s overnight newborn care so you can get a good night sleep and know your baby is in trusted hands or setting up some time to get all your questions answered, I’ve got you covered.

Sometimes focus tends to be on the baby, but baby is not the only one who needs caring for. Chances are you’ve just gone through birth, so you also need to rest and heal. Getting a proper meal on the table can be a huge struggle. There’s a constant flow of visitors who just want to help by holding the baby when you really could use the help unloading the dishwasher. Maybe you have other children in the home craving your attention because of all this change. And on top of that? You have to learn how the heck to care for this new tiny human in your home. 

The transition to parenthood has many ups and downs and as your doula, I want to help make it more calm, restful and so that you can truly enjoy your new baby.


Typically an overnight is an 8-10 hour shift beginning at 9-10pm.

When I arrive, I check in with you and we talk about how you’re feeling, how the day has been going and what needs to be done. I will answer any questions and then send you off to bed for some blissful uninterrupted sleep. 

As your Overnight Doula and Newborn Care Specialist, I can take over all things baby related to make sure you’re healing properly and getting the essential and restorative sleep you need most right now.

We do this by figuring out your goals and needs and I will make a custom postpartum care plan for your family.

Overnight doula support begins at $55/hr

What does overnight newborn care include?


"We are grateful that Jamie let us set the tone for our home and care plan for our daughter while offering gentle suggestions and expert advice."
Jenn D
first time mom


As your doula I can step into many roles — teacher, friend, coach, confidant, cheerleader and more. Every day I meet you where you are and check in with you to see how you’re feeling and what you need. Teaching you my favorite soothing techniques, supporting you in breastfeeding, but also making sure you’re feeling rested, your toddler is read their favorite book for 437th time, and you have all ate a proper meal. 

Sometimes it might be grabbing a shower or a chance to run out and get a coffee for 20 minutes to yourself. Other days it might be baby wearing and prepping a meal for the slow cooker while you get some one-on-one time with your other little ones. 

Not only am I here to care for your baby, but I’m also here to care for you

I am certified as both a Newborn Care Specialist and a Postpartum Doula — a hybrid caregiver, if you will! 

A NCS and Postpartum Doula are different in the way that they care for a newborn. A Doula cares and supports the entire family whereas a Newborn Care Specialist focuses on just the baby. I’ve found that my training and experience in each role compliment each other very well, so you’ll get the best of both worlds when we work together.

Yes! I recognize how important it is to do everything I can to keep myself and those around me safe. Especially the littlest ones who cannot currently be vaccinated. I’m vaccinated and boosted for COVID-19, flu, TDAP and MMR. 

I’m also very Covid cautious and frequently tested. I’m also happy to wear a mask in your home while caring for your family.

Yes. As a Lactation Educator, I help parents meet their lactation goals, advise on breastfeeding resources, provide evidence-based information to help prepare for and maintain lactation. 

*Please note as a LE, NCS and PPD, I’m unable to provide medical advice, diagnose or perform clinical procedures. I am, however, prepared to offer referrals for things outside of my scope of work!

Typically the same things I would do during a day shift, but a little more quietly to help you get some uninterrupted sleep! I can wash and sterilize bottles and pumping parts, knock out some of that ever-growing pile of laundry, prepare formula or breastmilk, restock diapers, wipes, and other tasks we discuss before sending you off to bed to get some sleep. 

If you’re nursing, I’ll bring the baby to you to feed and snuggle then I’ll come back for baby to get them resettled while you drift back off to sleep. If you’re pumping for overnight feeds or using formula, I’ll handle everything from feeding and burping to changing and swaddling and finally getting baby back down to sleep. 

Making sure you’re feeling rested and restored is important to me as your doula!

Yes and no. Once all baby’s needs are met and my tasks for the evening have been tended to, I may lay down and rest. 

Is it ever full on sleeping? Not really for me, personally. I will close my eyes and rest though if baby is sleeping.


Part of my job as your doula is to help you and your baby establish healthy sleep habits. Everything I do will help set you up for sleep success. We can talk about sleep goals and I’m happy to share my favorite techniques, tricks, and referrals. 

That all said, I personally do not work with any method that is not evidence based, scientifically backed, and developmentally age appropriate. I will always attend to your baby’s needs and will not work with any program that involves ignoring developmentally appropriate communication behaviors such as “cry it out”. We can absolutely discuss this more and how it looks!

Some families only want help for the first couple of weeks and some want a longer term. There is really no right answer here and it truly depends on your needs, lifestyle, and family. When we have our initial chat, we can talk about what your goals are for hiring a doula and we can go from there. 

But in my experience, most families tend to book for 4-6 weeks and they usually extend to 8 or 12 weeks. We try to keep that in mind, along with infant development, when it comes to scheduling!

Yes! I have worked with many sets of twins and love working with them.

I do! You can find reviews from past families here on my Testimonials page.

You can also find Google Business page HERE with client reviews.

Send me a note and let's talk a bit more about what you'd like your fourth trimester to look like.