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Hi, I'm Jamie!
Seattle Postpartum Doula and Newborn Care Specialist

Jamie is a born and raised Chicago girl through and through. She took a detour and spent a few years in Austin before landing in Seattle with Edie the corgi pup in 2023.

When she’s not hanging out with babies, you can probably find her catching one of her favorite bands live, curled up with a book, or bingeing one of her secret guilty pleasures (Hallmark movies… shh, don’t judge!). 

For 10+ years, Jamie was a career nanny and doula for many families that she keeps up with still to this day. Once she becomes part of your family, you’re stuck with her for life!

Jamie trained in Chicago as a Newborn Care Specialist in 2018 and is CACHE certified. After moving to Austin, she began training as a Postpartum Doula and certified shortly after with a local organization. In 2021, Jamie completed training with CAPPA as a Lactation Educator. In late 2022, she began birth doula training to help give her a well rounded education in all things baby.

Upon moving to Seattle in January of 2023, Jamie joined The Northwest Association for Perinatal Support (NAPS Doulas) and became certified through their organization.

She is excited to get to know more about the Seattle community and to keep providing families with the best overnight newborn care possible.

If you would like to set up a time to chat to see if Jamie is a good fit to support your family, reach out here and she’ll get back to you as soon as possible!


Rest & Recovery

It’s easy to do too much after your baby arrives. You need to heal, rest and, most importantly, get necessary sleep.

Newborn Education

Having someone to answer all baby questions, talk about any concerns, and work together to develop a game plan is essential.

Sleep Conditioning

I feel strongly about healthy sleep habits from day one. We’ll talk about ideal sleep environment, sleeping independently and more.

Peace of Mind

Knowing your baby is getting the best care and you’re fully supported during our time together will put your mind at ease.

Why you want me as your doula

Here’s a quick run down about the experience and training that got me to where I am today doing what I love most – supporting families and caring for babies. 


Inclusivity + Nonjudgemental Care

All families deserve care and support and I do my best to provide that in a loving and unbiased manner.

Evidence Based Education

In an industry that’s always changing, I do my best to stay up to date with current technologies, research, products, and trends.

Customized + Individualized Support

Babies and families are not one size fits all. The support I offer is tailored to your goals, lifestyle and parenting philosophies

"I cannot recommend Jamie's night doula services enough!"
Kendra R
mom of three


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